Our Steaks

Dry-aged prime cuts of beef from Cape Grim and Robbins Island Wagyu.

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Our selection of premium beef cuts

All of our prime cuts of beef go through a rigorous ageing process. Firstly Cape Grim age the beef for up to six weeks then we dry age it on site in our ageing room which takes twenty days or more depending on the cut of meat. These two ageing processes help to ensure that the flavour and tenderness of the meat is of the highest standard. All cuts of meat are proudly presented within the restaurant's glass display to help with your selection.

Eye Fillet deserves its reputation as the most tender and elegant steak of all. Carved from the prized tenderloin, this delicate lightly marbled cut has a tender “melt in your mouth” texture.

Porterhouse or Sirloin is a firm, well-marbled steak from the heart of the loin. The characteristic "white tail" keeps it juicy during cooking. Its full flavour and aroma come alive when grilled.

Scotch Fillet and Rib Eye is from the beef rib. When cut into steaks, these cuts are one of the most popular and juiciest steaks. Meat from the rib section is more tender and fattier than most other cuts of beef. This extra fat makes the steaks tender and flavoursome. These cuts of steak can be cut boneless “Scotch Fillet” or bone-in “Rib Eye”.

Rump is the tastiest steak full of flavour. Our Chef’s leave just enough of the exterior fat to bring out its uniquely bold, beefy flavour. If you like a steak with a robust taste and texture, then this is the one for you!


Cape Grim Pasture-fed beef

The pristine pastures and clean air of Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Island provide the perfect environment to grow Cape Grim Beef. Since 2006, the brand has developed a reputation for providing 100% grass fed premium-grade beef, sought after by butchers and chefs who have built their careers on choosing the best produce and letting it speak for itself. With its natural marbling, Cape Grim Beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and of the highest eating quality. Compared with other beef products, it has a rich and full flavour – reflecting the grass-only diet of the cattle. Cape Grim Beef is completely free of hormone growth promoters and GMOs.


Robbins Island Tasmanian Wagyu

Fourth generation cattle farmers John, Keith, Alex and Chauncey Hammond have been breeding Wagyu on Robbins Island since the early 1990’s. During the iconic seasonal musters, bands of horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas. Featuring impressive marble scores of up to MB9, the taste signature is a unique combination of specific Wagyu genetics, regional pasture influences and specific grain ration that aims to mimic the local flora of Robbins Island. In Japanese, the concept of WA 和 from WAGYU translates to balance or peace. From Robbins Island, Tasmania, a unique taste - in harmony with nature.